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Items Currently Available

  1. Communication Style Self AssessmentĀ NEW!

  2. Extra current schedules (Request number needed for distribution to colleagues)

  3. 2005 & 2006 Catch a Falling Star Booklets

  4. Pino’s 99 Ways to Provide Positive Reinforcement

  5. Pino’s 69 Ways to Build Self-Concept, Image and Esteem

  6. Pino’s 99 Corrective Behavioral Alternatives for the Classroom

  7. Pino’s Ways of Identifying Students Learning Styles

  8. Pino’s 41 Happy Day Activities

  9. Pino’s 60 Most Powerful Motivating Strategies

  10. Pino’s Students Write Their Own Tests

  11. Pino’s Creating a “Congenial Acre of June”

  12. Pino’s Ways of Getting Kids Together in Groups Painlessly

  13. Pino’s Stress Tips for Teachers

  14. Pino’s 83 Ways to Reach Reluctant Learners

  15. Pino’s Generic Process for Dealing with “At Risk” and Reluctant Students

  16. Pino’s 79 Ways to Say “Whoopie”

  17. Pino’s 178 Student Workjobs

  18. Pino’s Process for Identifying the Learning Style/s of Learners

  19. Pino’s 101 Ways to Praise

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