Course Descriptions


IGS’ high quality courses for teacher training, certification, re certification, and lane advancement are all taught by highly respected educators. Our courses will teach you skills you will use every day in your classroom and throughout your day.  Courses numbered 2900 are offered through University of North Dakota.  Courses number 501 are offered through Colorado State University-Pueblo. See the pages for each of these institutions under the menu heading Enroll for Courses.  


If you wait until the last month prior to the expiration date to take courses, IGS cannot guarantee that grades and transcripts can be processed by the expiration date. Do plan to take your courses in advance of that date. Plan to check grades and order transcripts far enough in advance that any issues that may exist can be addressed.

IGS is proud to offer courses through two different institutions: University of North Dakota and Colorado State University-Pueblo.  UND course numbers will be designated with the 2900 course number and CSU-Pueblo will be designated with a 501 numbering.  Choose the  correct page below to read through the course descriptions offered by each university.

Course Descriptions 501 UCS-Pueblo Courses

  501.04 – Stress Less, Teach More©  Course Description: This three (3) graduate credit education course has been carefully designed around the research of the last fifty (50) years, which indicates that teachers as well as administrators are working in an ever-more stressful work environment. The course begins with a study of its theoretical base as …

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Course Descriptions 2900 UND Courses

2900.01 – Against the Odds: An African-American Cultural History: Music, Dance, Drama, Art – From Slavery to Freedom (P-12)©   Course Description: This 3 credit professional development graduate course has been designed to introduce teachers to African American artists, 1619-2006, so that the participants will know, understand, and be able to act upon the research, theoretical base, concepts, …

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