Conference Courses 2018

COURSE NAME: Teaching Students to Think, Create, Innovate, Imagine and Inspire. ©
LOCATION: The Fairmont
                     950 Mason Street
DATES: February 15 – February 18, 2018 (All online coursework due by March 3)
INSTRUCTORS: Deborah Engen and Juany Dahlen
                           (608) 213-7862        (608) 636-0094
Course Description
This 3 credit professional development graduate course will teach students to think, create, innovate, imagine and inspire. The course is designed to give teachers the skills necessary to understand the dynamics of the brain science of innovation and creativity. The course content will be presented in a series of speakers, videos, lecture, followed by small and large group discussions. This class discussion and small group interaction as well as instructor feedback will accomplish that in the end  participants will have a working knowledge and understanding of the course content as well as how to use the information to improve student achievement through the use of ideas , materials, activities and strategies to be shared and analyzed and evaluated.