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Now in our 47th Year!

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The Institute for Graduate Studies (IGS) began as the International Graduate School of Education in 1971 in Denver, Colorado, as a non-profit institution of higher learning.

IGS has conducted quality graduate programs in Wisconsin since 1971 and has been officially recognized to conduct such courses by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

IGS is dedicated to developing and conducting innovative graduate study programs of high quality and scholarship. Over the last 46 years IGS has enrolled more than 60,000 graduate students in study programs in Wisconsin and over 100,000 students in a total of 39 states, nationwide.


National Headquarters

Dr. Edward Pino Ed.D, Ph.D – Founder and Leader 1970-2015

Cristina Barreto Pino – President & CEO

Colorado Branch Office

Sherry Mills, MA, CMP – Registration Manager & Director of Operations
P.O. Box 25806
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
Phone: 877-447-7895
Email: smills.attendigs@gmail.com

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“There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.”
Felix Frankfurter, past Associate Justice US Supreme Court